"I first found Dr. Michelle Johnson in 1999 when my three children were very young. I knew there was something special about the work Michelle did when my active two-year old, who never stopped moving or talking, relaxed immediately on the treatment table while Michelle simply held his head in her hands. At the time I didn’t know that his entire system was being resourced and his nervous system balanced and restored with her craniosacral work, part of the many modalities in which she has expertise.

During the past 15 years, my family has come to use Michelle’s healing services as our primary source of healthcare -- both to maintain or daily wellness and also during times of illnesses. I believe it’s the consistent treatment with her that has allowed my children and me to be allergy free, have strong immune systems, and to heal quickly and fully from sports injuries, and she has empowered them each to have a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Unlike so many practitioners who focus on one or two healing modalities, Michelle has so many different methods of healing available to her -- chiropractic, kinesiology, craniosacral, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, homeopathic, Feldenkrais, to name only a few -- and is able to call on any of these to treat any situation or challenge a client may be experiencing at any phase of his illness or injury.

As a mother of three children, and a student and practitioner of of healing work myself, I’ve found her profound sense of well-being and trust in the process of life to help ground me and guide me in my parenting, my work and in my own life."
-Susan Van Note

"Dr. Michelle Johnson is a truly gifted person. I remember my first appointment with Michelle, I was skeptical and unsure about her practice but once I laid down in the chiropractic table and she began cranial sacrum I began to feel as if a veil was being lifted from my eyes. Dr. Johnson is an energy healer, my sessions with her help me emotionally physically and spiritually. I used to suffer from chronic sinus infection and since going to see Dr. Johnson I have had no troubles with my sinuses. Even everyday aches and pains seem to go away just from living the lifestyle that Michelle had shown me. Michelle knows how to listen to the body and she can help you to learn how to do the same thing. Dr. Michelle Johnson helped me to have a more aware and healthy life and for that I am forever grateful."
- Adam Lovell